Regulatory Laws


Conduct of business has ceased to be unidimensional, and with layers of complexity added to business operations, regulatory regime has also evolved over the years.

Activities in most sectors of business including like food, insurance, infrastructure, hospitals, pharma are controlled/regulated by the Government, for the common good. In fact, regulatory practice overlaps and supervenes, other areas of practice and regulatory requirements have become the prime guiding force, in conduct of business.

Also, increased exercise of governmental control, conduct of business has become more nuanced and, in most cases extremely complex, requiring cautious and expert navigation.    

Compliance with environmental laws is a critical factor for manufacture in India; Pollution Control Board (Centre as well as States), Central Ground Water Authority etc. have been issuing Guidelines, and any non-compliance invites stringent action, including closure.


Services rendered by PRA Law to clients in the FMCG sector include:

  • Advice relating to compliance of environmental laws and regular updates on pollution norms, ground water extraction, compliance under Biological Diversity Act etc. For this purpose, we have a team of Advisors who can provide legal assistance/guidance on pan India basis
  • Advice relating to proceedings initiated by CPCB, PCBs, CGW etc. representing Clients in such proceedings
  • Representing Clients before National Green Tribunal benches across India, various High Courts and Supreme Court of India
  • Advice relating to launch of new products, pricing, marketing, advertisement etc. of products under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act & Rules/Medical Device Rules, Drugs Price Control Order, Environmental laws, Essential Commodities Act, Food Safety and Standards Act, (for food and beverages), Insurance Act, Legal Metrology Act, etc.
  • Representing Clients before Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, Tribunals, District Courts and Appellate Authority under the relevant statute