Alternate dispute resolution mechanism such as mediation & arbitration, provide speedier determination of disputes, compared to legal proceedings before civil courts. After amendment to the Arbitration & Conciliation Act in 2019, time limits for conclusion of arbitral proceedings have been prescribed, and grounds for challenge to the arbitration awards have also been limited.  Also, arbitration through institutional arbitration, for domestic as well as international commercial arbitration is on the increase, thereby reducing the time frame for conclusion of arbitration.  

The Arbitration Practice Team at PRA Law has vast experience in handling diverse domestic as well international commercial arbitration (including institutionalised arbitration) in diverse sectors including commercial contracts, FMCG sector, infrastructure, pharma, real estate, shareholder disputes.


PRA Law assists Clients in various aspects of arbitration proceedings such as:

  • Participate/advice clients in good faith negotiations for settlement of disputes, prior to invocation of arbitration agreement/clause.
  • Drafting arbitration clause in contracts, advice/assist in choice of governing law, seat of arbitration and identification of nominee arbitrators.
  • Seeking interim measures of protection from Courts and arbitration tribunals.
  • Comprehensive advice & effective representation of client in arbitration proceedings.
  • Assistance in identifying and providing Expert evidence in arbitration proceedings, including domain experts, claims expert.
  • Enforcement of arbitration awards in various jurisdictions.
  • Proceedings to challenge arbitration awards (domestic and international commercial arbitration).